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Australia Tightens Migration! How To Seize Opportunities Now!

Wednesday 3rd July, 730pm Singapore (GMT+8)

Stay informed on the upcoming changes to Australia's migration program with a focus on general skilled migration. If you're planning to migrate to Australia, not just now but in the coming years, it is important to attend!

Why should you attend this event?
- Expert Advice: Hear straight from the most experienced team in the region on how to migrate to Australia. 

- Challenges Ahead: The Australian goverment is reducing some aspects of the program and introducing additional challenges for some migrants. There are still opportunities - understand what you can do now (and when changes that might affect you are likely to be introduced)

- Future Plans: Understand the strategic directions of the migration program in coming years and how this can impact future plans. 

There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the presentation.

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Joint Webinar on Global Mobility

29th February 2024

This event will be jointly presented together with The Immigration People, an established immigration agency specialising in migration to Singapore.

Why should you attend this event?
- Expert Panel: Hear straight from the leading individuals who possess wealth of experience and an exceptional track record in the field of migrating to Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. 

- Understanding the Landscape: Get a comprehensive overview of current global migration trends, including key drivers and the impact of migration on economies, societies, and individuals.

There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the presentation.

Webinar on the Australian General Skilled Migration Program For 2024

15th February 2024

This upcoming session aims to provide you with a more in-depth outlook on Australia's General Skilled Migration program for this year, after recent internal reviews and anticipated upcoming policy changes.

If you're unable to attend the times below, please feel free to complete the registration form to indicate your interest and we will contact you to discuss.