We regularly run seminars on migration

Please read through the descriptions to decide which seminar you'd like to attend. You're welcome to attend both if interested. Registrations are for yourself and your spouse, if you have other friends or family that would like to attend please ask them to register separately. Once you've decided please complete the form below. We'll check availability and confirm in email by the next working day.

Skilled and General Migration

This is suitable for anyone interested in general information living or migrating to Australia and New Zealand. You'll gain and understanding of the main reasons for migrating, what the lifestyle is like, considerations for migrating and the main visa pathways available.

Business, Investor and Entrepreneur Migration

Business migration is for those who already own (or part) a business that they're actively involved in managing. Business migration requires an annual turnover that is equivalent to at least AUD$500k (only Australia has a business migration pathway, NZ currently only has Entrepreneur and Investor options)

Investor migration is for those have high net wealth and are prepared to make investments in Australia or New Zealand. Net wealth must be at least AUD$2.25m or NZD$3.5m.

Entrepreneur is a relatively new pathway that is suitable for those have a good business idea and the drive to establish a startup or buy and develop an existing business. For NZ this has a very low entry requirement of a min NZ$100k available cash to fund the business. For Australia this typically requires A$200-300k.

No seminars currently scheduled - We'll update this soon

Not sure which seminar is right for you ? Send us an email at info@anzmigrate.com or call us at 6100 2878 and we'll be happy to give you feedback

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