Australian Investor Visas

Australian Investor Visas

For applicants with funds to invest in Australia

Investor (188B)

  • Age under 55
  • At least 3 years of investment OR business management experience
  • Net personal and business assets > A$2,250,000
  • Required to invest at A$1,500,000 in government bond for 4 years
  • Min stay of 2 years during 4 year investment

Significant Investor (188C)

  • No age limit
  • No experience requirement
  • Net personal and business assets > A$5,000,000
  • Required to invest at A$5,000,000 in complying investments for 4 years
  • Min stay of 160 days during 4 year investment


Investor (188B)
Applicants must have accumulated at least AUD $1,500,000 through management of investments or business and be able to transfer these funds to a government bond in Australia for a period of 4 years. The first stage will be a temporary residence visa for 4 years – during this period the applicant will need to maintain the bond investment and stay at least 2 years in Australia. Investment returns are generally low and the base investment is guaranteed.
Significant Investor (188C / SIV)
A streamlined pathway with many requirements reduced or waived that allows applicants to make a complying structured investment in Australia for 4 years. A minimal stay requirement of 160 days over the 4 years is favourable to applicants who have affairs overseas and wish to minimise the time spent in Australia. Investments are commercial and the potential exists for higher returns than government bonds.
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The information provided here is a summary and additional criteria will apply. Applicants 55 and older may be eligible for an age waiver - contact us to discuss.

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